Abstract Submission

ISCC2024 will bring together leading technology providers, end users of the different areas of use of contamination control, academic scientists, and international regulators to network, share insights and provide an outlook on the evolving landscape and future of cleanroom technology and side applications.


We received many abstracts for individual presentations. The abstracts are now being reviewed by members of our International Scientific Committee (ISC). The results of the abstract submission will be available by April 30th, 2024.

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For any inquiries or information, please contact the ISCC Secretariat: info@iscc2024.com 


All abstracts must be written in clear English.
Abstracts submission deadline: February 12nd 2024.
Committee abstract review: March  20th – April 26th 2024
Submitters to be notified of the abstract submission status: By April 30th  2024


The Scientific committee will decide on the acceptance of the intended paper and presentation Paper should be sent in before the 15th of July 2024.

Instruction for the preparation of the paper will be sent after abstract acceptance notification


Author/s must use the ISCC2024 template provided for presentation. The presentation should be sent in before the 1st of September 2024.


The Scientific committee will decide on the acceptance of the intended poster. The poster should be sent in before the 15th of July 2024.

(The printing of the poster is up to the author)

Standards and regulations

  • Regulatory and standard general overview and update
  • Biocontamination
  • Revised Annex 1
  • ISO/TC 209 update
  • Chemical and biological containment standards
  • ATMP regulations
  • Other

Sustainability and innovative approaches

  • General (ESGs)
  • Decarbonization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water neutrality
  • Waste & circularity
  • Processes
  • Sustainability certifications

Clean room design, operation and maintenance

  • CR design
  • Commissioning & qualification
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Systems, equipment and components
  • Modular CR
  • Laboratories
  • Other

Barrier technologies

  • General
  • Decontamination Validation
  • Gloveless isolators/Robotics for clean and aseptic manufacturing
  • Optimization of industrial performance and technology innovation
  • ATMPs
  • Barrier technology interfaces
  • Other

Environmental control and monitoring

  • Environmental control and monitoring concepts
  • Environmental Monitoring in Pharma Manufacturing for traditional clean rooms
  • Environmental Monitoring solutions for barrier technology applications
  • Continuous viable particles monitoring
  • Data Analysis and trend
  • Environmental Monitoring in Microelectronics applications
  • Other

Life science

  • Pharma Manufacturing
  • ATMP
  • Laboratories
  • Fill-finish technologies
  • Cleaning/sterilization
  • Clean utilities
  • Innovation
  • Pharmaceutical industry 4.0
  • Other

Microelectronics and associated technologies

  • General
  • Advanced Research
  • Microelectronics & Electronics production
  • Lithography
  • Semiconductor cleanroom facilities
  • Semiconductor cleanroom utilities & tools
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Advanced Applications
  • Other


  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
  • Hospital compounding Laboratories
  • Operating Theaters and special departments
  • Tissue and stem cell banks
  • ICU & NICU
  • Other

Cultural heritage preservation

  • General
  • Indoor vs. outdoor pollutant sources
  • Airborne pollutants in museum environments
  • Bioaerosols and humidity control
  • Filtration in museum environments
  • HVAC and protection of cultural heritage in indoor environments
  • Other


  • General
  • Science & exploration
  • Space safety
  • Applications
  • Technology & instrumentation
  • Other

Food and beverages

  • Beverages aseptic and non aseptic preparation and filling
  • Cold cuts packaging
  • Diary products manufacturing and packaging
  • Pasta manufacturing and packaging
  • Maintenance
  • Systems, equipment and components
  • Other