Why a contamination control workahop and a hands-on training?

In addition to the ISCC2024 Symposium program, a unique and-on workshops format has been foreseen on October 18-19, 2024
The theoretical and practical day training will be held at the White Box, Contamination Control Research Facility of the Energy Department at Politecnico of Milano, Campus Bovisa, including lectures and hands-on demonstrations by academia and industry SME, Subject Matter Expert

The hands-on workshop is designed for anyone involved in cleanroom and contamination control technologies who want to gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered through a practical approach. This includes:

  • Engineers who design and build cleanrooms;
  • Commissioning specialists who test and verify the performance of cleanrooms;
  • End users who work in cleanrooms;
  • Maintenance personnel who keep cleanrooms in operation;
  • Validation personnel who ensure that cleanrooms meet the required standards.
The workshop is organized and hosted by the White Box Contamination Control Research Facility of Politecnico di Milnao in collaboration with ASCCA and ICCCS.
Politecnico di Milano is a world-renowned university with a strong reputation in science and engineering for research, academic and post-graduate program activities. The organization by Politecnico di Milano guarantees high quality of lecture contents and practical experiences maximizing participants expectations.

October 18th Workshop

ISCC Attendees: Discounted Fee
ISCC2024 attendees will benefit from a discounted fee for this workshop. The workshop will cover a variety of topics related to contamination control and will be led by experts in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain hands-on experience.

Other Participants: Full Fee
The workshop is also open to other interested individuals for a full fee.
The maximum number of participants is 32.

October 19th Workshop

This workshop is dedicated to Young Professionals attending ISCC2024 in Milan. The workshop will be sponsored by ICCCS and will cover topics of interest to young professionals in the field of contamination control. The workshop will be a great opportunity for young professionals to network with each other and with experts in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain hand-on experience.
The maximum number of participants is 32.